At Petropolitan™, we bring for all pet parents a professional pet care service at home!

We are a team of well trained, sensitive and humane experts for your furry friends, who give a perfect experience from snout to tail, and yes! at home and at your convenience.

Pet spas, clinics and salons are flocking cities but we encounter pet parent concerns regularly – infectious environment, sanitisation issues, travelling hassles, separation anxiety, pet travel sickness, use of sedatives and also ill-treatment of pets at times.

We are striving to give your pet the most luxurious and wonderful grooming and styling experience along with training and veterinary care at your home:

Apart from the gentle loving luxury of an expert service, we leave no stone un-turned to give the best possible experience following the latest trends around the world. Bringing to you the latest hairstyles and cuts and the best in grooming at world-class standards.

So what are you waiting for?